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NEXT MEETING IS July 8th @ 4:00 PM at PSD

For Date/Agenda of next meeting, click under Meetings/Events on lower right corner.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the SVMWC will, at its July 8th Board meeting,  give members an opportunity to comment on the Mutual’s intent to apply for a $4,307,413.00 loan from the USDA to complete the needed water system improvements.

Notice of Intent


1. Here is a link to a notice to customers about a major revision to the Capital Replacement Program and its impact on our reserve funds.

Letter to Customers re Capital Replacement Fund

2. Here are links to the new invoice and water fee structures

Explanation of New Invoice Structure

Water Fee Structure (Sept 2, 2017)

3. Here is the link to the SVMWC policy on water shutoff if an account is one year in arrears on paying their bills. Please be aware of this

SVMWC Water Shutoff Policy

4. Here is a link to the SVMWC  billings collection policy and policy on penalty for late payments. Please be aware of this

Collection of Water Use and Service Charges (Revised 7-1-2017)

5. Here is a link to a rebate program being offered if you change to a low flow toilet

Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program

6. State law mandates that there are safety devices that isolate the drinking water side of our supply system from anything that could contaminate it, like sprinkler systems. The Mutual Board is evaluating our existing program and determining what would satisfy the State requirements. Here are some documents concerning this pending program.

Back Flow Program Flyer 5-16-17

SWRCB Cross Connection ProgramCross Connection Control Policy


CHARGES FOR TURNING OFF WATER AT METER If, for any reason, the PSD (our maintenance contractor) has to shut off your water at the meter for some issue within your home,  the SVMWC customer will be charged the PSD time & material. Every customer should know where the shut off valve is WITHIN YOUR HOME, so this charge is not incurred. And if you rent your home, please post this information very prominently.

This is a mutual water company, so we are all in this together. Please come and bring your concerns, or contact the president or our office staff.








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