Water Use

Water use refers to the amount of water that is pumped and delivered to the customers. Up until 2015, there was no metering, so there was no way for an individual customer to know how much she/he is using. That has now changed. Every customer can see how much water they are using on a monthly basis by going to the SVMWC website home page and clicking on the appropriate icon. The website is



Water Quality

Every month the Operation’s Manager collects two routine water samples and sends them to the laboratory for monthly bacteriological testing. If the test results indicate the presence of Total Coliform bacteria, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is notified and 12 repeat samples are taken and sent to the laboratory to try to determine the source of contamination. If those new samples come back free of bacterial contamination, then the first samples were probably contaminated in the way the sample was drawn and there is no problem with the water system. If some of the new samples are contaminated and the others not, then there is an indication of where the contamination could be happening. The CDPH usually recommends that the water supply be chlorinated and a Boil Water Notice is issued. Each customer has a notice delivered to his/her home and we will electronically notify those that have given us their email addresses.

The source of contamination is isolated and cleaned out. Follow up samples are taken and if there is an absence of Total Coliform bacteria, the Boil Water Notice is rescinded.

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