Water shut-off policy & procedure

Water service shut-off policy & procedure

  1. This service shut-off policy and procedure starts when a member has not paid two consecutive semiannual bills.
  2. SVMWC will indicate on the second bill that the member has an outstanding balance from the previous bill and direct the member to read this policy and procedure.
  3. SVMWC will wait 14 days from the date of the mailing of the second billing (the “Mailing Date”) for the bill to be delivered to the member’s mailing address on record by SVMWC, and for the member to make payment or contact SVMWC to arrange an alternative payment plan (“APM”).
  4. If SVMWC does not receive payment nor agrees to an APM fifteen days after the Mailing Date, SVMWC will mail a notice to the member of SVMWC’s intent to disconnect service.
    1. The notice will include the member’s name and address; details of the delinquency; the date by which payment must be made to prevent disconnection; information about appeals, extensions, and alternative repayment options; and critical compliance dates.
    2. If the member’s mailing address is not the same address where SVMWC provides service (the “Service Address”), SVMWC will also send the notice to the Service Address addressed to “Occupant.” A tenant may opt to pay the delinquent amount if the member-landlord does not cure the delinquency.
  5. If SVMWC does not receive payment nor agrees to an APM twenty-one days after the Mailing Date, SVMWC will (i) attempt to contact the member by telephone to provide the information described in 4.1 above; and (ii) mail a second written notice with this information.
  6. If SVMWC does not receive payment nor agrees to an APM twenty-three days after the Mailing Date, SVMWC will attempt to visit the Service Address. If no contact is not made, SVMWC will leave a written notice of its attempted visit and include all the information described in 4.1 above.
  7. If SVMWC does not receive payment nor agrees to an APM thirty days after the Mailing Date, SVMWC will post a final notice of SVMWC’s intent to disconnect service in a prominent and conspicuous location at the Service Address.
  8. If SVMWC does not receive payment nor agrees to an APM thirty-five days after the Mailing Date, SVMWC will disconnect service.
    1. Exception: The SVMWC will not disconnect service if all of the following occur:
      1. a primary care provider certifies in writing that discontinuing service will pose a serious or potentially fatal threat to a resident,
      2. the member demonstrates inability to pay, and
      3. the member is willing to enter into an APM.
    2. A member can demonstrate its inability to pay based on the receipt of certain public assistance by someone in the household, or a declaration from the member that the household is below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.
    3. If the member meets all of 8.1.1, 8.1.2 and 8.1.3, SVMWC must offer APMs to the member and help determine which is the best option. In most cases, repayment must occur within 12 months.
  9. If the member has agreed to an APM, SVMWC may disconnect service five days after posting a final notice of intent to disconnect service in a prominent and conspicuous location at the Service Address if either of the following occurs:
    1. the member fails to comply with the payments stipulated in the APM for over 60 days, or
    2. while obligated under the APM, the member does not pay the current service charges for over 60 days.
  10. SVMWC will provide notice to renters pursuant to section 4.1 above that service may be disconnected due to delinquent payment by their member-landlord, and that renters have the right to obtain service without paying the delinquent amounts owed by their member-landlord.
  11. SVMWC will post annually on its website the number of times water service was disconnected due to inability to pay.
  12. Once all outstanding amounts (including penalty, interest, administrative charges and a $100 reconnection charge) have been paid, SVMWC will reconnect service within two business days.
  13. For a period of one year following reconnection, the member will be on an accelerated disconnect procedure such that any further failure to make timely payments will result in SVMWC disconnecting service immediately on the 15th day after a payment is due under either regular semiannual billing or an APM. That is, the above procedure of multiple notices and waiting periods will not apply.
  14. This shut-off policy and procedure does not apply to SVMWC’s service disconnection caused by members’ violations of any other SVMWC rule, regulation or bylaw.

Adopted by SVMWC’s Board of Directors on July 8, 2019

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