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Board of Directors

An elected board of 5 people governs the SVMWC. Each property that is a member of the mutual water corporation has one vote that is exercised by the homeowner or owners. Election of the board takes place at the annual meeting held during the Labor Day weekend. Ballots are sent out with the call to the annual meeting. If a member cannot attend the annual meeting, voting can be done by proxy.

Current Officers and Board Members(Click on name to see board member profile)

President: John Johnson – term expires 2016
Vice President: Hans Burkhart – term expires 2016
Secretary: Bob Barnett – term expires 2017
Treasurer: David Stepner – term expires 2017

Patricia Guilford – term expires 2017

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The Mutual has no employees. Rather, the board approves contracts with different companies to do the work of keeping the water running and meeting all appropriate state and federal regulations as well as handling the finances to do that.

Operations & Maintenance. Squaw Valley Public Service District, 305 Squaw Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA 96146, Tel: (530) 583-4692

Office and Financial Manager. Daniel Collin, PO Box 2276, Olympic Valley, CA 96146, Tel: (530) 583-3674,

Legal Advice. Contracted as needed.

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Office Manager, Daniel Collin

Phone: (530) 583-3674

Fax: (530) 583-0677

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PO Box 2276,

Olympic Valley, CA 96146


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Maintenance & Operations

Squaw Valley Public Service District

PO Box 2026

Olympic Valley, CA 96146

Phone: (530) 583-4692

Weekends, holidays, and between 5PM and 8AM

Phone: (866) 411-6917

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